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Telehealth: Virtual Appointments

The novel coronavirus (COVOD-19) pandemic has had a major impact on our lives and Spagnoli Physical Therapy is continuing to do everything we can to help our patients during this public health crisis. The coronavirus has forced virtually all of us to spend more time at home. However, it remains vital for each of us to continue our health care and stay active!

In-Home Virtual Physical Therapy

We continue to be available for office visits however, we are now also offering SPAGNOLI PT LIVE, a virtual, online video telehealth appointment with a physical therapist as an alternative to office visits. We are excited to offer this to you as a means of continuing your rehabilitation progress with the friendly and caring staff at Spagnoli PT. We will be available for consultations concerning your individual physical therapy treatment plan and keep you on target for your recovery!

What is a Virtual Visit?

A virtual visit is similar to an office visit but you will be able to video conference with a physical therapist from the convenience of your home bringing your Physical Therapist straight to you via video.

SPAGNOLI PT LIVE allows you to:
• Discuss with a Physical Therapist your progress, any complications, and your current treatment plan
• Progress or review your individual home exercise program. Because it is a live video, we will be able to demonstrate your exercises and watch that you are doing them correctly!
• Maintain Social Distancing
• Continue the momentum of your treatment plan
• Stay Active

How does a Virtual Visit work?

In the current age of technology, we are able to conference with you on several different platforms including HIPAA-compliant Bluestream Health, Facetime and Zoom.

It is really quite simple and we will be able to talk you through the process. All you will need is a computer or device with a camera and microphone like your phone or tablet. We are also able to talk via the phone if that suits you better.

How does payment work for a Virtual visit?

Some commercial insurance companies are expanding their telehealth coverage to respond to the current Public Health Emergency. Many commercial insurance carriers have agreed to waive co-pays for virtual visits. Therefore, we will not be collecting co-pays at the time of service but will follow your insurance carriers’explanation of benefits regarding billing.

As an alternative, for those individuals whose insurance companies have not extended coverage to telehealth, we are offering pricing as follows:

• 15-minute treatment for $30
• 30-minute treatment for $60

To schedule a SPAGNOLI PT LIVE appointment, please contact us at:

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